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来源:博大考神职称考试网 发布时间:2015-02-14
  距离考试只有1个多月时间了,考职称网整理了2015年职称英语理工类C级考前模拟,希望对考生顺利通过职称英语考试有所帮助。Academic Mobility
Scholars and students have always been great travelers. "Academic  mobility" is now often stated as a fundamental necessity for economic and  social progress in the world, but it is certainly nothing new. Serious students  were always ready to go abroad in search of the most stimulating teachers and  the most famous academies; in search of the purest philosophy, the most  effective medicine, the likeliest road to gold.
Mobility of this kind means also mobility of ideas, their transference  across frontiers, their simultaneous impact upon many groups of people. The  point of learning is to share it, whether with students or with colleagues; one  presumes that only eccentrics have an interest in being credited with a  startling discovery, or a new technique. It must also have been reassured to  know that other people in other parts of the world were about to make the same  discovery or were thinking along the same lines, and that one was not quite  alone, confronted by inquisition, ridicule or neglect.
In the twentieth century, and particularly in the last twenty years, the  old footpaths of the wandering scholars have become vast highways. The vehicle  which has made this possible has of course been the aero plane, making contact  between scholars even in most distant places immediately feasible, and  providing for the very rapid transmission of knowledge. Apart from the vehicle  itself, it is fairly easy to identify the main factors which have brought about  the recent explosion in academic movement. Some of these are purely  quantitative and require no further mention: there are far more centers of  leaming, and a far greater number of scholars and students.
In addition, one must recognize the very considerable multiplication of  disciplines, particularly in the sciences, which by widening the total area of  advanced studies has produced an enormous number of specialists whose  particular interests ale precisely defined. These people would work in some  isolation if they were not able to keep in touch with similar isolated groups  in other countries.

It can be concluded from the passage that "academic mobility"__________
A.means the friendship formed by scholars on the trip
B.is a program initiated by governments
C.has been put great emphasis on in the world
D.means going abroad in search of the best teacher

32、The word "eccentric" in the second paragraph most probably  means__________
A.a rather strange person
B.a person of no exceptional ability
C.an ambitions person
D.peculiar or unusual

33、In the eyes of the author, what happens to a scholar who shares his  ideas with his colleagues?
A.He risks his ideas being stolen
B.He gains recognition for his achievement
C.He is considered as an eccentric
D.He is credited with a startling discovery

34、According to the passage, the recent growth in air travel has meant  that__________
A.travel around the world becomes realistic and affordable
B.more students from remote areas can attend universities
C.all kinds of information can be shared by more people
D.scholars can meet each other more easily

35、The author thinks that it's important for scholars to be able to  travel because__________
A.their laboratories are in remote places
B.there is too much stress at universities
C.their fellow experts are scattered around the world
D.there are so many people working in similar fields
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